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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  January 19, 2013 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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they are trade they pay nice dev dends. >> little rich right now. buy it when there is a down drift. >> thanks for watching and keep it right here. taxpayers are taken for a ride. moving full stem ahead . and one republican tried to derail them . couldn't get it pushed to the floor. do we stand a chance of getting this debt mess right? >> i am cheryl casono and welcome to cashin in. we have wayne rogers and
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johnathon, and tracey burns and john lay field . joining us this week is christian dorsey. tracey. n this can't be cut what can? mass transit subsidies employ. really? >> cheryl. if you think they are going to cut the benefits they get for themselves, i have a bridge to sell you. they will schnook us for the perks. they can vote on it and they couldn't bring it to the floor to discuss it. no, no way we want the perks. it does not bode well on our debt ceiling. >> talking about spending cuts. what does it say about us. >> the cuts are needed and to tracey point no one can push them there in programs like the 160 million transportation
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subcity. besides the fact that it is full of proud and 25 percent of it is fraudulent. why do they get the unbelievable perks that no one gets. it is 48 more than those in the private sector. >> and christian, this takes washington to a w level of disappointment because they don't get it to a vote and address the program for taxpayers. is this a signal that nothing is going to change. >> you are suggesting that you shouldn't subsidize transit but subsidize transit. this is not only available to federal workers it is available to any employer and in metropolitan areas, more than half of private employers
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are requiring the taxpayer subsidies. you want to say they are treated porce. >> wane, wane, you look amused by this discussion. >> every program is justified by it is needed. it is need therefore we do it. if you don'tut can the fat with all due respect. federal workers are taxpayer . why should he have the right to reach in my pocket and take my money to pay for his transportation. it should be finished and let me finish. the congress is threatened by the union. >> you have your directors hat on and in charge i like you
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are looking hollywood, wayne. no, no. i ran into a tree and i have a problem up here and i covered it up. >> here's the thing. it comes outs of the bottom line. they will choose to do this and cut in the bottom line to do this. they decide what they want to take and it comes out of my wallet that. is totally unfair to the american people. >> and those trends and benefits are tax they are subsidized with all of us. you are fine with the private sector having commuting cost but signaling out federal workers for the transit part.
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federal workers get way more benefits and transit is a minor, minor incident of what they are getting. my company makes the decision and not the congress and people that are ben fitting it without me. >> one second. did fox give everybody a subsidy to come to work today and did they pay for your transportation? >> no. >> exactly, they didn't pay for it. >> it was a long walk, everybody. john, going back to one example of what we are dealing with, in regard toz debt and washington and they would not vote on the idea to potentially cut the mass transit subsidy for federal workers. but they are not wanting to cut anything. they have a pet project in dc right now. >> what happened to wayne,
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johnathon interrupted him and diverted his attention and he ran in a tree, that's what happened. this is typical of congress. they talk about simpson-bowls and they are not doing any of it. they refuse to do anything necessary to meet a budget. christian is right is part of composition . it is 48 percent higher . if they are getting too much composition it is no different. the vice-president gets a car allowance that works for a wall street firm. this is too high take it out. >> listen, let me just say in the private sector it is not 25 percent fraud like it is in the public sector. >> agreed. >> investigators found a lot of employees selling transit cars on ebay . that is a nice supplement them. these are tremendous generous
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subsidis and the whole transportation subsidy only came about because of the green initiative and part of the clean air act. we need cuts. this is an easy place to start. congress can't even gets its head around this. >> you are okay for proisting the parking but not the tans transit i am against all subsidies. >> look, the only reason we are talking about this. the republicans tried to get it to the floor and couldn't get a vote called on it. that's where we are at in dc. going back to the issue of the spending in dc is run away if you will. >> cheryl. the reason it didn't come to the vote on the floor, people were not willing to subsidize parking to a greater extent than they would transit.
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if you want to have a conversation about getting rid of all of that's fine. but subsidize people to grid lock while you penalize them for riding the train doesn't make sense at all. >> yeah, i think we need to have a conversation about cutting it. federal workers have a 48 percent higher benefits that private sector. this is part of the benefits. >> they also had a pay freeze for the last few years. >> so has everybody. >> they are seeing the paycheck go up. i don't know anyone. we have all had pay freezes . >> no, we haven't. >> i agree with christian. cut it out. he's right. >> everybody. thank you, coming up. scared of students and now suing, a teacher with a fear of kids and taking her former school to court for
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>> call it a case of kiddo phobia. they are suing for discrimination after she was forced to face her greatest fear in class. her fear children. the woman claims that the district ignored her condition and forced her in a early retirement. john, you say it is a frivolous suit. how do we stop it? >> tort. it is it like a life guard suing a swimming pool because they are scared of water. ambulance chasing lawyers are ruining the legal system and health care professions . these guys, need tos be
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disbarred and we have to have lose or pay. if you bring a stupid lawsuit against a corporation hoping to get a quick buck. it is lose or pay. they sue somebody and get to pay if they lose . this is ridiculous. >> johnathon speaking of ridiculous . this woman was a teacher for years and said she had a fear of kids. perfect example. >> teaching since 1976 and now a development of fear of children. if you are afraid of kids don't be a teach yer if you are afraid of flying don't be a pilot. there is not right to a job that suits your preferences . i think the ada americans with disabilities act give a legal standing for the frivolous lawsuits. i think we need tort reform
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but not a federal solution . it needs a state. we need to privatize schools as well >> cost of the frivolous lawsuits, whether it is individuals or corporations is astronomical. >> in all seriousness if she had this condition, and it is documented, and you know, the school reassigned her to a place that triggered the children. it was a fear of little children and that was done to punish her, that ought to be heard in a court of law. i want to speak to john's point. tort reform is necessary and comes not from religion. but reforming the ethics of the legal profession. lawyers should not bring fort executes that have no standing under the law. until we get the professor to
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not chase dollars. we have a problem. the issue is not people and their particular issues. >> okay. but tracey, that is no way. you are putting the wolf in charge of the heen house. you have to do something. >> i want to hear from someone who has three kid and i don't think she is afraid of them. >> they are scaring on certain days. but you don't enter into a profession wh you are scared of children. no one is scared of children. every now and then give them a cookie and they smile. you need to put a limit that the injured party can receive and that will stop the ambulance chasers f. there is no pot of the gold there is nothing to chase. >> what do on you make about the point of the attorneys and people coming up with random phobia.
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>> i know it sounds crazy but i agree with christian. i think he is right. it does start with that and i will extend it further. not only lawyers, but the courts themselves . they have a position they are responsible for. there are legit mate lawsuits that are printout. you can't say they were not damaged if they took a drug that killed them. it is brought for time to time and brought by legitimate lawyers . if you revise that system and change that system and make them ecical. it would be better. >> wayne, i love you, and you hit that tree way too hard. >> johnathon . we love you, wane. >> let me show you this. >> first of all, i appreciate the notion that we can rely on humanity. but we are in a place where
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people don't give a dam about morals or anything and they are out for the money. i agree we should improve ethics but it takes more than saying guys, you have to do the right thing. >> i think wayne's phrase stuck with me. >> coming up. while lance armstrong doing dage control or trying to for taxpayers, is the damage already done . someone here said yes, but don't blame lance. if not him, then who? find out next. power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that?
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>>i am uma with a fox news alert. a stand off may be over . they are storming the natural gas complex and killing militants there. and president obama is kicking off the weekend . he is expected to speak to volunteers. they are joining others that are joining in sites . it happened to fall on the inauguration and gun control measures . bad guys are not affect you tell them they can't have an assault weapon they say go to hell.
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>> we'll have more from foer mayor guiliani. >> should the government be in the sports business? >> the debate heating up as lang armstrong scandal comes down. the postoffice paid 30 million to sponsor the team. you say the buck stops here. >> well, it is insane. can you imagine? taxpayers paying into the federal government that is sponsoring sports teams. give me a break. this is a dumbest thing i ever heard . it is outrageous and the federal government is out of control and spending money on things like that. we have in certain places where arms of the federal government are going in and lobbying the congress and spending more tax money. this is crazy and the thing about lance armstrong and where they paid 30 million. get them out of the business. >> and by the way, the
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inspector general said they may be out of business unless it is a bail out and it is a mess and they are paying for sports team. >> look at the 70s 80s 90s and how it is cleaned up leading by the national football league and now all major sports organization are cleaning up their own system. the group that is not is prescriptional boxes and the reason for that. the government runs the commission and that's where we have all of the horrible mess. get the government out of the sports completely. >> and christian going back to the government spending issue with you. they need to stop spending money on things like cycling. >> i agree. they shouldn't be spending money to sponsor arm strock tour team or nascar . military spends many times more . shouldn't do it because it is not affective. i got to feel sorry for the
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post office. they are told to act like a business and then they do a business thing like sponsor a sports team it blows up. but in the first place it doesn't help and not useful. >> i don't know if i feel sorry for them. 72 million they are spending, military spendog nascar and things like that. save it for recruitment. >> i think nascar sponsorship for the military to advertise is acceptable. we have a volunteer military and they are brave soldiers and attract top and why the heck which is a monopoly and a poorly one that is run. everyone hates their service and for them to throw 30 million down on lance armstrong is vanity. but the military to advertise to recruit the soldiers to protect our country.
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>> i want to thank the lovely lady at the post office who helped me out. >> first of all nascar or tennis. the government is a neutral party that supports all of us and we shouldn't choose where dollars goes. nascar, i didn't want to . that's not where i want my dollars to go. the sports is the wrong place for the money >> what is wrong with churning laps fast. >> spoken like a true man. christian dorsey, thank you for joining us. coming up. want your kids to be head of the class, cut them off.
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>> what do i need to know for next week. >> so many pay for college . why not get get them to get a job and work out.
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>> the high unemployment is hurting employment. >> family dollar benefits. >> wayne rogers. >> you have a bond portfolio. there are lawsuits filed by unions in california to put their pension plans ahead . it is what happened with general motors and look out. shimming companies are poise to benefit down the pike. it is based in greece and risky bet . i like it moving forward. >> great show and i want to let everyone know we have a quick programming note, the president's second inauguration is on monday and as he is swearing in neil cavuto will have his swearing in. hand clap ebo


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